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Becoming a member of TGWA is like becoming part of a family. Many members have been involved with TGWA for generations. Below are just a few reasons why becoming a member of TGWA is worth doing.

Networking opportunities

TGWA hosts an Annual Convention every January. About 500 total attendees travel to the convention from all over Texas and the United States. Walking through the exhibit hall connects contractors/drillers with the manufacturers/suppliers as well as the latest industry technology. There's also a scholarship auction and a meet and greet reception. See details on the events page.

Exclusive access and discounted rates

Being a member of TGWA gives you exclusive access to our membership directory and other members only features on our website. You also get member rates for events like the convention and our in-person CE classes.


TGWA is the Texas affiliate for the National Ground Water Association. We represent the Texas groundwater industry at the national and state levels by advocating for policy that accounts for the needs of our members.


TGWA promotes and supports the interests and welfare of Texas water well drillers and the Texas water well industry.

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