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NGWA Goes Live On National TV

Republished from NGWA's Well Log, July 16, 2008

Ground water and wells will be front and center on the national stage Monday, September 8, when a special show produced by the NGWA is beamed via satellite into homes across the United States.

The live hour-long show to be broadcast at 8 p.m. ET on RFD-TV Network will feature a panel of three NGWA experts fielding questions from the public about water wells, ground water, and geothermal systems. film crew working on the documentary referenced in this article

The program's goals are (1) to boost public confidence in the ability of water well systems to provide safe drinking water and (2) to educate the public about how to protect ground water.

During the call-in show, three 3½-minute videotaped segments will be shown on well construction and maintenance, water testing and treatment, and ground water protection. These segments were done with the help of Beinhower Brothers Drilling Co. in Johnstown, Ohio.

On June 3, a local television production company comprehensively videotaped Beinhower Brothers drilling a new well at a central Ohio location—from the arrival of the drill rig to test pumping the new well.

The following week, the TV crew set up at the Beinhower Brothers shop. There, the crew videotaped actual or simulated scenes of testing water, a water treatment system installation, interaction between the contractor and a customer, and a well owner at home using water. Brad Ulery, president of Beinhower Brothers Drilling Co., said it was a privilege to be a part of the TV production.

"By educating people about well ownership, they're able to ask better questions of drilling contractors and make better choices," he says. While well owners "generally want to do what is right," Ulery estimates about half do not know the basics of good well stewardship.

"In order to maintain a high-quality water supply for themselves and their neighbors, it is important for well owners to know about proper well construction and maintenance, and to practice due diligence," Ulery says.