Texas Ground Water Association: To Develop, Promote, and Protect Texas Ground Water

About TGWA

The Texas Ground Water Association was founded in 1947 to:

  • Assist, promote, encourage, and support the interests and welfare of the water well industry, particularly within Texas;
  • Foster, aid, and promote scientific education, standards, research, and techniques in order to improve methods of well construction and development and advance the science of ground water hydrology;
  • Promote cooperation among well contractors and governmental and scientific agencies in properly developing and protecting underground water supplies;
  • Encourage improvements in drilling and pumping equipment;
  • Collect, analyze, and disseminate to the public information on the role of the water well industry in the state and national economy;
  • Advance the mutual interests of all engaged in the water well industry.

TGWA works to accomplish these goals through a variety of educational and advocacy forums. It sponsors continuing education classes throughout Texas for licensed water well drillers and pump installers; holds an annual convention and trade show; publishes a quarterly newsletter with the latest on regulations, funding, research, and technology; and works as an affiliate member of the National Ground Water Association to promote communications at all levels of the ground water industry.

Membership in TGWA is open to all interested parties in a variety of categories.

The Association is operated under a Board of Directors elected by the membership. The Board of Directors consists of the Officers, 12 Directors-at-large, and a Chapter Director from each local chapter.

Officers for 2017-2018

President David Rumbelow
President-Elect Terry Lowe
Vice President William McPike
Secretary-Treasurer John Julian
Immediate Past President Don McElroy

Membership in the Association is open to anyone engaged in business or studies related to ground water or simply interested in the subject. An online application form is available.

Active membership in TGWA is open to individuals or companies who are engaged in the business of water well drilling or licensed in the State of Texas as water well drillers or who derive more than 50 percent of their income from the business of pumps, windmills, or water treatment equipment installations, maintenance or repair.

Affiliate membership in TGWA is open in four categories:

  • Manufacturers of equipment, materials or supplied used in the water well industry.
  • Water Equipment Wholesalers and Suppliers of pumps, pump parts, and other water handling equipment, rigs or tools
  • Ground Water Science Division, consisting of professionals engaged in the engineering and science aspects of ground water and the water well industry. The Ground Water Science Division helps serve as a forum for technology exchange among scientists, engineers, water well drillers and pump installers.
  • Students interested in the ground water or water well industry are invited to join as part of the Ground Water Science Division.

Associate membership in TGWA is open to all other parties interested in the work of the Association.